About Us

The directors are "Big Four" trained, Fellows of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and have decades of experience

We act mainly as expert accountants, reporting to the Court. In around 15% of cases that is as Single Joint Expert, with the rest singly on behalf of Claimants or Defendants, in roughly equal proportions

We also act as "shadow" experts, providing informal advice behind the scenes

Our involvement regularly has a very substantial impact on quantum - irrespective of the stature of "opposing" accountants

Ideally, we get involved early on, identifying the additional documentation required and where necessary providing support for Court Applications. This helps our clients obtain all relevant documents, based on which they can develop a well-researched case. Our reports provide robust opinion that does not need to be altered just because another accountant disagrees

We have given evidence at trial - but in nearly all cases, our clear opinions help achieve earlier settlement